Apr. 2nd, 2009

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  • 03:22 What the fuck, family. I'm trying to sleep, I'm sick, it's 11:45 pm, and you CALL ME TO BITCH #
  • 03:23 I know I've been absentminded about returning calls, but it's eleven. forty-five. at night. plz to be giving me a farking break. #
  • 03:23 so IRRITATED wtf dkmsfjdfdf now I can't sleep DAMMIT >:| #
  • 03:27 I'm so tired of this. Paired up with all of the stress, my currently abysmal sex life, and everything I've had to do for everyone... #
  • 03:27 ...I am so done for now. :\ #
  • 03:28 If I wasn't so irate, I think I would cry. #
  • 03:40 I wish this endless crap would end. I just want to have a week where I can say "I'm going to work and everything is fine. I feel good." #
  • 03:41 I feel bad for making people deal with my angst. It isn't fun, I know, and it can be draining. :\ #
  • 03:49 I just feel so failtastic and miserable. I wish I could somehow feel good about myself...these depressive phases take a toll on me. #
  • 03:50 And somehow, I tweet about it, versus uh...writing an entry. But I just can't put it into something coherent, I just want to get it out. #
  • 15:43 Skipped work again -- this will be the final time this week. Tomorrow, I will go even if the apocalypse is coming. #
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