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  • 00:44 Fall Out Boy always gets me in the mood to write for Phoenix. I don't know why. plurk.com/p/o3zuv #
  • 02:09 I'm working through a 606 chess puzzle book. It is actually kind of fun...I really should work through these t... plurk.com/p/o4ezq #
  • 02:10 12/606 puzzles complete. :D plurk.com/p/o4f3a #
  • 02:20 I think I'm going to go play some Rock Band. Maybe try to master Avenged Sevenfold on expert guitar. plurk.com/p/o4gye #
  • 03:29 Wow, I just figured out how to do pull ons and offs. It makes things so much easier. holy crap. #
  • 03:50 thinks that HMD posts are kinda useless. I like being close enough to my roleplay mates that they can give me ... plurk.com/p/o4y0u #
  • 03:50 has to go to work in eight hours. plurk.com/p/o4y4s #
  • 03:56 is going to be getting a new cell phone soon~ :) plurk.com/p/o4z8a #
  • 03:56 has also chosen the rings for the wedding. plurk.com/p/o4zd6 #
  • 03:58 thinks the remainder of this week will be ttly awesome. Only three more days of work, and then another day off... plurk.com/p/o4zmz #
  • 04:36 and now to shower and go to sleep. seven hours of sleep ftw. plurk.com/p/o5743 #
  • 12:03 Work! Will be back at 6:30 pm Hawaii/Pacific time. plurk.com/p/o7kmw #
  • 12:04 Oh yeah, and Katie? Edgeworth's post to Gumshoe cracked me up. XDDD And I felt so bad for Edgeworth in Pearl's... plurk.com/p/o7kpn #
  • 16:56 At work again. At least this shift isn't a ten hour one? plurk.com/p/o83lw #
  • 16:58 Today was crazy busy. Kind of looking forward to going home, I'm super tired. One day off isn't enough! need v... plurk.com/p/o83sx #
  • 16:59 Ugh, and internet time is running out. Much love to all of you. <3 plurk.com/p/o83uz #
  • 23:40 Back home! Post tiem nao. plurk.com/p/oa0s9 #
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